About Me

Hi there,
Welcome to Tanish Kitchen! Thanks for visiting my website. This my sincere attempt to provide recipes for popular south and north indian dishes.

My name is Suganya aka Sugi, Chef and author of  this website. I am presently based out of Dallas, TX but originally from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. I have done MBA in HR & Marketing. I love cooking, traveling and spending time with my family and kids.

I started to cook occasionally when I was in 9th grade. I learned cooking just like every other indian girl from my mom and grand ma.

About this blog:

After our marriage I moved to US with my husband who always loved and encouraged my cooking. He also advised me write a blog so all the recipes are available online and could be useful to others.

Please leave comments if you liked the recipes you were looking for. Also leave comments if you feel there could be some improvement or any questions you had on any recipes featured(or event not featured) on my website. Once again, sincere thank you!


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