Friday, March 22, 2013

How to make Masala Vada - How to make Paruppu Vada - Recipe for South-Indian Masala Vada

Masala vada was one of my favorite snacks in my childhood and it is still my favorite. My mom used to make this vada often. I learnt how to make masala vada from her.

Ingredients: (serves 2 people)

Measurement (1 cup = 100grams)
1. Spilt bengal gram - 2 cups (200 grams)
2. Red chillies - 4 nos
3. Onion (medium) - 1 chopped
4. Curry and coriander leaves
5. Salt as per your taste
6. Oil to fry

For Seasoning

1. Garlic - 4 cloves (singles)
2. Ginger - small pieces (amla size)
3. Fennel seeds - 1/2 tsp
4. Cloves - (kirambu) - 2 nos
5. Cinnamon - a tiny piece

Method of preparation

1. Wash the bengal gram thoroughly in the water and soak for at least 90 mins.(1 and half hour)
2. Once the bengal gram soaked fully in the water, then drain the water. Take half handful of soaked gram seperately.
3. Transfer the remaining gram into the mixi bowl and add all masala seasoning and red chillies. Grind it together in the mixi (don't grind like a paste)
4. Take a big bowl or besan, add chopped onion, curry, coriander leaves, grinded bengal grams, some salt and ungrinded soaked bengal gram(we took before grinding). Mix it all together and make it like a small ball.
5. Now let us see vada making preparation. Now heat the oil in a pan. Keep one small ball into your left palm and press it with your right palm and put it in the oil. This vada will take some time to cook so you have to just keep turning the vada frequently. Once it turns the color like orange, then take it off from the oil.

That's it yummy masala vada is ready now.

The coconut chutney is best combination for this vada.


When you are grinding the gram, first grind the seasoning and then add the gram. Then only the seasonings will grind properly.

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