Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to make Cabbage Dosa - Recipe for South-Indian Cabbage Dosa

Cabbage dosa is a different type of dosa but it can be made easily and quickly. It is healthy as cabbage is an excellent source of natural antioxidant, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. This dosa is my mom's one of favorite dosas. Today let us see how to make this dosa:

Batter Ingredients:

(1 cup - 100 grams)

1. Idly Rice - 1 cup
2. Sona masoori rice(raw rice) - 1 cup
3. Cabbage (chopped) - 2 cups (200 grams)
4. Red chili - 5 nos
5. Asafoedita powder(zing) - 1/4 tsp
6. Salt as per your taste.


1. Onion (medium) - 1 (chopped)
2. Curry & coriander leaves - 1 handful (chopped)

Method of preparation

1. Wash both rice together in the water and soak for 2 hours. 
2. Grind the rice with red chilli, asafoedita(zing), salt in the grinder. Don't grind the batter too nice and soft.
3. Crush the cabbage with use of mixi .
4. Add crushed cabbage into the grinder when the rice batter is halfly grinded.
5. Grind the batter 5 more mins after adding the cabbage. That's it batter is ready now.
6. Now transfer the batter into big bowl or besan, add chopped onion, curry and coriander leaves. Mix it well.
7. If the batter is thick then add 1 or 2 cups water. If you like thin and crispy dosa, the batter should be watery. If you like thick dosa like aadai then one cup of water is enough.
8. Heat the dosa pan in a mediam flame and do dosa as you like. Usually this dosa take more time to cook than the ordinary dosa. Also you need to cook both sides.

Coconut chutney and sambar is the best combination for cabbage dosa.


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