Sunday, August 5, 2012

Different type of sambars for idly and dosa - What are the different types of sambars or kurmas for idli and dosas

If you are a fan of authentic south-indian tiffin items like idli and dosas, there are are many combinations you can try with them. One of the best options is to try different type of chutneys for idli and dosa.

You can also try different sambars or even kurmas. Today let us see what are those in TanishKitchen. We have recipes for almost all of them in my website.

1. Toor dal sambar
2. Moong dal sambar
3. Moong dal masala sambar
4. Pongal sambar
5. Hotel sambar
6. Tomato kurma
7. Masala kurma

1 comment:

  1. Will try this different types of sambar recipes,
    thanks for sharing.


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