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How to make Medu vada crispy - Urad vada - Ulundhu vada - Recipe for crispy south-indian Medu vada

Medu vada is traditional and very popular south-indian tiffin item eaten as appetizer or breakfast or any time. Medu vada is very good combination with pongal and/or idli. Medu vada is urad based fried snack. Let us see how to make crispy Medu vada.


1. Urad dal - 1 cup (soaked)
2. Red chillies - 5 nos
3. Boiled rice - 3 tsp
4. Ginger - some (chopped)
5. Coriander leaves and curry leaves - some
6. Salt to taste
7. Ice cubes - 10 nos
8.Black pepper(whole) - 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Wash the urad dal cleanly in the water and soak the urad dal for about an hour.
2. Wash the rice cleanly and soak it for an hour too.
3. Now add the dal, red chillies, some ice cubes in the grinder and grind it nicely. Add the ice cubes one by one while grinding.
4. Grind the urad dal 3/4 and then add soaked rice into the grinder. Grind it nicely.
5. Don't make the batter to be loose and liquid. The batter should be thick and then only vada will be good in shape. So don't add too much ice cubes(around 10 should be enough).
6. Once the batter grinded nicely, trasnfer into the bowl and add the chopped ginger, curry and coriander leaves, salt and crackled black pepper. Mix it very well.
7. Now heat the oil in the kadai and do vada. Usually medu vada don't take more time to cook. So be careful while frying the vada in the oil.
8. If you think the batter is loose then you can add some rice flour into the batter. We added the boiled rice with urad dal so it will give crispiness to the vada.

That's it once vada is fried enough, put into a bowl and eat it with chutneys or sambhar.

Good companion:

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