Sunday, June 24, 2012

different types of chutneys for Idlis and dosas - different types of chutneys recipe

If you are great fan of idlis and dosas, you should know there are a lot of chutney options available for you. At Tanish kitchen, we have listed preparation methods for all chutneys for idlis and dosas.

There are at least 12 different types of chutney you can prepare and impress your husband if you are married :)

1. Tomato chutney
2. Coconut chutney
3. Garlic chutney
4. Mint chutney - method I and Method II
5. Chickpeas chutney
6. Ridge gourd chutney (peerkangai)
7. Groundnut chutney(also called peanuts chutney)
8. Red chilly chutney
9. Coriander leaves (kothamalli chutney) or cilantro chutney
10. Onion chutney
11. Pepper Onion chutney
12. Bombay chutney
13. Chana dal chutney or Kadali paruppu chutney

Please click on each chutney for the preparation methods.

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