Monday, June 25, 2012

different type of dosas recipes - How to make different types of dosas

Welcome to Tanish Kitchen. Last week we saw different types of chutneys for idlis and dosas. Please click here to know more about the different type of chutneys. Lets discuss about this week main topic - different types of dosas and their recipes.

Different types of dosas:

1. Mushroom masala dosa
2. Masala dosa
3. Vegetable Utthapam
4. Gobi masala dosa
5. Adai dosa
6. Wheat flour dosa
7. Cheese dosa
8. Cone dosa
9. Rava dosa
10. Mysore masala dosa
11. Onion rava
12. Egg dosa
13. Cabbage dosa
14. Tomato dosa
15. Suraikai dosa(bottle gourd)
16. Appam
17. Ragi dosa
18. Onion dosa
19. Maida dosa

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